About Our Company

The Cornerstone Inspection Group is a full service home inspection firm serving all of Metro Atlanta. The firm's founder, Charles V. LeCraw, Jr., -- a native Atlantan with deep family roots in the Atlanta real estate industry -- has been in the construction, real estate development, and consulting profession since graduating from the University of Virginia's School of Architecture in 1976. After gravitating to providing home inspection services full-time, LeCraw officially formed Cornerstone Inspection Group in 1995. Since then, the firm has steadily grown into Atlanta's top-ranked home inspection firm, generating a fiercely loyal and dynamic following the old-fashioned way: through word-of-mouth referrals. Cornerstone now offers a highly trained and certified team that is available to meet your immediate or long term inspection needs.

Primarily, the scope of our work includes performing home inspections (and radon testing, termite inspections, etc.) for home buyers, although savvy potential home sellers preparing to put their home on the market have made our pre-listing inspections an increasingly popular choice as well. We also provide new construction and pre-drywall (framing) inspections, as well as one year builder warranty inspections. Our inspectors are also certified for commercial inspections. We can furnish miscellaneous consulting services on an as needed basis as well.

We carry both general and professional liability insurance (errors and omissions) protecting the purchaser and real estate agent. Certificate of insurance is available upon request.

Why Choose Cornerstone Inspection Group?

  1. Our Reports: Our reporting format is narrative-written in an easy to understand “non-technical” style, which fully explains the problem and potential solutions. It is not a “checklist” format that can run on for 50 pages or more. It is a concise description of the issues backed up by photographs, with a 2-3 page “Report Overview/Summary” that outlines the major issues. The comments are divided into “Sections” for each category of work that can be given to the separate vendors providing the repairs. The report including the digital photographs are typically e-mailed to the client and agent by the end of the day following the inspection. Please view our “Sample Reports” so that you can see first hand the difference our reporting format makes in the overall inspection experience.
  2. Our Customer Care: We go out of our way to make sure the customer is satisfied with our services. The inspectors’ cell phone numbers are available at any time to answer additional questions or further explain their findings. Because of our past construction experience, we can also help with finding solutions to the issues we identify. Upon request, we can provide a list of vendors who are qualified to make repairs or provide additional services. Our scheduling and e-mail notification system is comprehensive and easy to use and can even download the appointment into a calendar program such as Outlook. The reports are also available on-line for an unlimited time after the inspection.
  3. Our Experience: Our inspectors have over 50 years of combined home inspection experience. As of the end of 2015, we have performed over 14,550 inspections. All of our inspectors are certified by ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors). 
  4. Our Inspection Process: We feel it is important that our inspectors have a period of time in the house without distraction before the client arrives. This enables them to focus solely on the proper operation of the equipment and a full inspection of all components. We then schedule the arrival of all related parties typically 2 – 2 ½ hours after we start the inspection for the client “walk through”.

The walk through serves two purposes for us. (1) We use this time as our “second inspection”. We review our findings and look for issues that may have arisen after we initially tested the systems (e.g. latent plumbing leaks in ceilings, basements, etc.) on the proper operation and maintenance of the equipment. (2) We also identify all shut-offs, filter locations, and any other components that may need access in the future. This proves to be a great way to not only visually identify problem areas to you, the purchaser, but it also serves to educate you about the property.  We have honed this process over the 25 years of performing home inspections and feel that it is absolutely the best method for performing an accurate and comprehensive inspection.

We spend as much time as the client needs to feel comfortable knowing all questions have been answered and everything has been seen and understood.  Doing this with the client involves them in the inspection process, but still gives us the “unencumbered” time we need before they arrive.

The Cornerstone Mission Statement:

As impressed upon us by our creator through Jesus Christ, we purpose to provide the best service possible for our clients and associates and to conduct our business with honor and fairness in all respects. We will strive to provide thorough and impartial assessments of all properties we inspect and to properly relate all findings in written form and in a timely manner.

The Cornerstone Inspection Group is certified by the following professional organizations: