Get That Home Ready To Sell



             If selling your home is on the horizon, there are several easy steps you should take to get your house ready to insure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. What you don’t want is to come within weeks of closing, only to lose the sale or be forced to re-negotiate the price because of problems discovered during the home inspection. Most of what we find during an inspection can be easily avoided given some basic maintenance and “spruce-up” ideas which will indicate that the house has been well taken care of. Here are our best tips:

 1)         Make sure all exterior woodwork is well painted and caulked. If you have a synthetic siding on your house (e.g. “Masonite” siding), make sure all butt joints are well caulked and the siding is well painted. If you have synthetic stucco or even hardcoat stucco, consider having this inspected and recommended repairs completed. Make sure all windows and door frames and other penetrations through the veneer are caulked and sealed. 

 2)         Make sure all gutters are cleaned and properly aligned and the downspouts are flowing freely to prevent potential damage to the eves. We recommend piping the downspouts 10’ away from the house.

 3)         Have a roofer check the roofing shingles and flashings for repairs that may be needed. Have all nail holes and open flashings caulked. Replace all damaged or missing shingles.

 4)         If you have a wood deck, make sure it is well bolted to the structure and the ledger band properly flashed. Avoid any soil contact with the wood, especially at the posts. Consider sealing or staining the deck for proper weather protection.

 5)            If you have an older home or a home with uneven floors, consider having the house inspected by a structural engineer (cost is usually $500 - $750) and make repairs as recommended. Have the foundation checked for possible settlement and leaks. Provide a written report for the purchaser.

 6)         Have the furnace and air conditioning systems fully serviced and cleaned. Obtain a written report from the service company concerning the condition of the equipment. If you know of any electrical or plumbing problems, hire a licensed contractor to investigate.

 7)         Make sure all tub enclosures are well caulked to prevent water intrusion into the structure. Make sure all toilets are bolted tightly to the floor. Check under sinks for signs of leaks.

      8)         Have all fireplace flues cleaned of built-up creosote which is a fire risk.

            Of course, there are other measures you can take, but if you get past the above list, you should have clear sailing. We do perform “Pre-Listing” inspections that would help identify all issues that should be addressed and best methods for their solution.

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