Pre-Listing Inspections

Planning on listing your home for sale? Just like you want to be at the top of your game, you want your house to be ready for the scrutiny of potential buyers. You certainly do not want contracts on your home to fall through because of potential unknown issues.  Here are three reasons to have Cornerstone Inspection Group inspect your home prior to putting that For Sale sign in your front yard:

  • Identify defects and make repairs ahead of time. By identifying possible defects early on, the seller is in a position to handle repairs prior to listing, making the listing more attractive and the property more "sell-able" This may mean more money to you, the seller, and a faster sale. Making repairs ahead of time will limit objections over defects during the negotiations. If the you elect not to repair certain defects that turn up in the inspection, you can disclose those items to potential buyers in the disclosure documents.
  • Aid as a pricing tool. Having a completed inspection report from our company will help you arrive at a realistic listing price. If you find out, for example, that your HVAC system shows significant wear and tear and will need to be replaced before the next winter season, you should take that into consideration when pricing your home for sale.
  • Provide a feeling of confidence to potential buyers. With a clean inspection in hand after viewing a property, potential buyers may feel more comfortable in moving ahead with an offer. When a buyer can see there are no major defects in the property to be addressed, it is easier for them to determine how much they can comfortably spend on the house.
  • Take a look at a sample Pre-Listing Inspection report.